Internal changes to our webhook system

published 2020-10-18T19:01:43+02:00 in RSS API
updated 2020-10-18T19:01:43+02:00

First of all: Thank you for using RSSAPI.NET, we hope you are doing well!

Today, October 18th 2020, we are introducing major changes to the way RSS Feed subscriptions work, how we request RSS Feeds, parse them and send the Webhook notifications to your servers. However, all those changes are internal changes on our side which means that you do not have to change anything on your end!

The biggest change is that we have reduced the RSS Feed fetch-rate for subscribed RSS Feeds massifevely, which means that we are reading all RSS Feeds which you are subscribed to more often now. This allows us to send you new RSS Feed entries as fast as possible after they get published! Overall, all delays have been reduced massively!

Apart from that, we have rewritten major alghoriths on our end to make them more efficient and to ensure the best possible service. We have also made minor improvements to a lot of different parts of our RSSAPI.NET infrastructure and fixed some small bugs and edge-cases.

We are proud to announce that we are now powering thousends of RSS Feed subscriptions each and every day and are steadily growing.

If you have and questions, feature requets or other issues, feel free to send us an email:

Oh, and did we tell you that our servers are now fully powered by renewable energies? Let's do our best to protect the environment together!

Have a great day & stay safe!