Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

published 2019-08-30T13:20:15+02:00 in shrtcode
updated 2019-08-30T13:20:15+02:00

What is shrtcode?

shrtcode is mainly a free URL Shortener.

We also provide some more free tools at

What is an URL Shortener?

URL-Shortener can generate short links which redirect to a longer link. That means you can easily generate shorter links out of long links. For example you can turn this link: into a much shorter Link, such as - Go ahead, click on it and see what happens!

What about privacy?

We don't track any visitors of short-links. We don't save where they are from, which browser they are using and all that other stuff. We redirect them immediately to the destination website. That's all.

I have a link which contains sensitive information, what can I do?

Good question. Because short-Links are so short, they can easily be guessed and accessed by the wrong people. That's bad. That's why we have a feature which lets you easily protect your short-Link with a password!

I need an even shorter Link!

You shortened a Link with shrtcode but it is still too long? Good news! Just replace the "" part in your Link with ""! That's 3 characters shorter! For example, becomes Pro tip: To make the part after the Slash ("/") shorter, use our custom link tool!

What about Emoji Links?

Everyone loves Emojis! ❤️ Visit to generate an emoji-link! Awesome, right?

How can shrtcode be free?!

When you visit our homepage,, you may see a few advertisements. Thank's to these ads we can pay for our servers and domains. Don't worry: we won't show any ads on your short-Links, just on our homepage.

Can I delete or change a short-Link?

No, we are sorry but this isn't possible right now.

I found a short-Link that violates the shrtcode Terms Of Service

Please send us an email to info at containing the short-Link. We will then check it and eventually block it.

My short-Link has been blocked

That probably happened because it violated our Terms Of Service. If you think we blocked it by mistake, please send us an email to info at