Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

published 2019-08-30T13:20:15+02:00 in shrtcode
updated 2019-08-30T13:20:15+02:00

What is shrtcode?

shrtcode is mainly a free URL Shortener.

We also provide some more free tools at

What is an URL Shortener?

URL-Shortener can generate short links which redirect to a longer link. That means you can easily generate shorter links out of long links. For example you can turn this link: into a much shorter Link, such as - Go ahead, click on it and see what happens!

Why is shrtcode "secure"?

On our Website, we state that shrtcode is "the secure URL Shortener". That means we take security and privacy very serious. Let me explain it. First of all, we take various security measurements to ensure that your generated short-links will always point to the destination (the long link) set by you. This may seem obvious, but over the years, various short URL services were multiple times the target of hackers. Therefor leading to thousands or even millions of short-Links suddenly redirect to different websites (e.g. scam websites). That's really bad, especially when you published your short-links somewhere were you can't change them afterwards and all your short-link visitors suddenly see a scam Website. So that's where shrtcode comes in handy: our server constantly checks all created short-links if they are still pointing to the correct direction. Additionally, we check all shortened Links for malware and viruses and block them automatically.

But what about privacy?

We don't track any visitors of short-links. We don't save where they are from, which browser they are using and all that other stuff. We redirect them immediately to the destination website. That's all.

I have a link which contains sensitive information, what can I do?

Good question. Because short-Links are so short, they can easily be guessed and accessed by the wrong people. That's bad. That's why we have a feature which lets you easily protect your short-Link with a password!

I need an even shorter Link!

You shortened a Link with shrtcode but it is still too long? Good news! Just replace the "" part in your Link with ""! That's 3 characters shorter! For example, becomes Pro tip: To make the part after the Slash ("/") shorter, use our custom link tool!

What about Emoji Links?

Everyone loves Emojis! ❤️ Visit to generate an emoji-link! Awesome, right?

How can shrtcode be free?!

When you visit our homepage,, you may see an advertisement on the bottom of the site. Thank's to this ad we can pay for our servers and domains. Don't worry: we won't show any ads on your short-Links, just on our homepage.

Can I delete or change a short-Link?

No, we are sorry but this isn't possible right now.

I found a short-Link that violates the shrtcode Terms Of Service

Please send us an email to info at containing the short-Link. We will then check it and eventually block it.

My short-Link has been blocked

That probably happened because it violated our Terms Of Service. If you think we blocked it by mistake, please send us an email to info at