shrtcode Developer API v2

published 2019-12-03T21:06:37+01:00 in shrtcode

The official shrtcode API to automatically create short Links - Now in Version 2.0!

  • This API is free to use (fair-use-policy)
  • There is no Authentication required (no API Keys!)
  • All requests can be made using GET or POST methods
  • All responses are in JSON format
  • The number of request is limited to 1 requests per second, per IP address
  • If you need help using this API, have feature request or want to have extended functionality (e.g. custom domains and/or custom short-links), feel free to contact us via email:

API Base:

API Endpoints:

Shorten a link


Create a short link for a given URL. Requires a `url` parameter.



{"ok": true,"result": {"code": "KCveN","short_link": "","full_short_link": "","short_link2": "","full_short_link2": "","share_link": "","full_share_link": "","original_link": ""}}

Get infos on a short link


Get the long link of a shortened link and much more. Requires a `code` parameter containing a shrtcode code. The code is the last part of a short link. Example short link: ➡️ Code: "example"



{"ok": true,"result": {"code": "example","url": "","password_protected": false,"blocked": false,"created": "2018-05-17 16:46:29"}}

And that's it! ?

If you have any questions, please contact us via email: